It’s a BoGo Free Phone Bro

Cut off sleeves were made for Ugly Christmas Sweaters… But it’s sorta sad that we’ll never get the rhythm and rhyme of “I’ts a BoGo Free Phone, Bro” for any other time than Christmas. Maybe they’ll resurrect them for the Sun’s out, Gun’s out seasonal spot.

Are they Killing off Mayhem?

Are they Killing off Dean Winters? We all love this guy’s deadpan slapstick adventures, but do you know what he’s even advertising? Insurance in general? Specifically he’s an Allstate Pitchman. Do you have Allstate? If not, it’s your fault (and mine) that he’s going away. If he is going away. Maybe they’ll break these resolutions, and he’ll go back to his Antics. In the mean time, we get to see him do a few more for the road.

Direct TV – Wet Bags

This was my Favorite Commercial of 2017. It could have been just because of the “Ahhhhhh Yessss!” from the Wet Bags lady, but the guy in the turn style doing the arm pump put it over the top. If I ever get married, instead of “I Do” Our vows will be confirmed with a “Ahhhhhh Yesssss!”

Go Autonation – PayCation

Good Lord. This was my most hated commercial of 2017. How could you take such a beloved song from the Go-Gos, and turn it into this piece of trash. Perhaps if Belinda Carlisle was singing, instead of groups of random people it would have been tolerable, but they went for the cheaper and far more annoying route: Amateur Carpool Karaoke. And Guess What: The PayCation is over, and now you do have to pay.